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This page is a place to find more gender-affirming services throughout Texas. If you're aware of an organization or provider that you think should be listed, please submit their information below. This list will continue to grow as time goes on, so please check back regularly. 

The resources provided below are intended to benefit the community, they are not endorsements or recommendations on behalf of Transformative Communications. If you believe a resource should be removed, please contact us and tell us why. 



Jo Eckler, Psy.D., RYT 

Dr. Jo Eckler is a licensed clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience helping transgender (including non-binary) clients. She offers individual therapy on a sliding scale for a wide variety of issues, including trauma/PTSD, depression, and anxiety. In addition, to support the community, she offers single-session evaluations for letters to support gender-affirming services such as surgery, hormones, and gender marker changes on a donation/pay-what-you-can basis. She sees clients both in her Austin office as well as through online video chat (like Skype). More information and online scheduling available here:

Kelly Robinson, LPC

Kelly provides one-on-one counseling for individuals exploring a variety of concerns, including anxiety/panic, depression, stress, life transitions, coming out, and more. Additionally, she has over 6 years of experience working with individuals who identify as transgendered and those exploring/questioning their gender identity. 

Kelly owns a private practice in Austin, Texas, and is also available to see clients across the state remotely. Website

Adam A. Sauceda, MA, LPC-S, NCC

Adam is a licensed professional counselor with over 17 years of experience. works with many different populations with a variety of presenting concerns, such as anxiety, depression, social skills training, work stress, and anger management, however his main focus has been working with transgender and gender diverse individuals.  He utilizes a gender affirmative approach when working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. He is a member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) and routinely follows the WPATH Standards of Care 7th Ed. in his clinical practice. Adam's practice, Synchronicity Counseling, is located in Helotes, Texas. Website 

Jennie Heinze

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor working the Cypress/Champions area of Houston. While I work with clients dealing with mental health issues including anxiety, life struggles, and depression, I also have a strong passion in working with people in the LGBTQ and particularly, the Transgender Community. My clients work towards acceptance of themselves as well as becoming educated on various steps to take and explore the possibilities for their lives. My clients have not made a choice of their gender, but they are making the choice to live fulfilled and gaining acceptance within themselves.

Contact Info: (713) 898-1752

  5629 FM 1960 W, Suite 231 Houston, TX 77069


Dripping Springs Healthcare

Dripping Springs Healthcare is an interdisciplinary holistic psychiatry practice formed as a collaboration between nurse practitioners and psychiatric physicians. Locations are in Dripping Springs and Austin, Texas, as well as provide telemedicine as an option to our clients. Contact us- 512.853.0777 info@drippingspringshealthcare

Houston Comprehensive Care

Legacy Community Health

Legacy provides mental health services (including gender affirming psychotherapy, med management, and consultation for surgery or legal letters), feminizing and masculinizing hormone therapy, and OB/Gyn Care. The providers on the team include Dr. Natalie Vanek (adults, hormones and general care, HIV specialist), Todd O’Neal FNP (adults, hormones and general care), Dr. Jennifer Feldmann (adolescent services, hormones), Dr. Pedro Bustamante (surgery letters for adults, psychiatric management for teens and children), Dr. Pamela St. Amand (OB/Gyn in Beaumont, Adults and Teens, Hormones). In addition to a large number of psychotherapists. The social work team is also actively involved in helping our gender diverse patients.
Gender Health and Wellness Website 

Legacy Montrose

1415 California St. Houston, TX 77006

(832) 548-5100 Main Number

(713) 366 7444 Adult Primary Care and Gender Health & Wellness

(713) 351 7360 Behavioral Health Services