Scheduling Your Appointment

Our goal is to be an affordable option for all people across Texas and Pennsylvania. At this time, we do not accept insurance. For those who qualify, a sliding scale is available.


Free Consultation

A free consultation is the first step for everyone. You'll have the opportunity to connect with the SLP, have any questions answered, and make sure that this is the right fit for you! This will be our time to discuss the overall outline of services, expectations, and what transformations you're wanting in your life. 

speech assessment


The comprehensive assessment covers all areas of speech, language, and voice, as well as learning about you and your personal goals. This process aims to be as exhaustive as possible, and will take about an hour to complete. All factors will be taken into consideration when developing your own, unique plan for services. After the assessment, the SLP will analyze the data collected, and then reach out once your personal plan is ready for review. And then, get ready to transform your life!



Sessions are generally 45 minutes, and are 1:1 practice sessions focusing on your specific goals and targets. Frequency of sessions and the total duration of your treatment plan will vary depending on every client's specific needs and preferences. Sessions incorporate evidence-based techniques and clinical knowledge and skills to work with you to help transform your life.


Business Communication

Business communication sessions are sold in bundles. Depending on your specific needs, whether as an individual or company, the amount of sessions will vary. Bundles cover a variety of topics including: effective communication in the work place, interviewing skills, public speaking, non-verbal communication, report writing, and many other various ways we communicate in the workplace. Schedule your consultation today for a free estimate on how to improve your business communication.