Everyone’s journey is different, which is why we work together to create your own unique plan. But here are what some previous clients have said about their journeys.

Brett was absolutely fantastic at both helping me understand the voice science, skill sets, and muscle memory as well as helping me navigate the emotional and social aspects that I feel are often neglected with medical care. I am genuinely grateful for his help and guidance and would happily recommend him to anyone looking for vocal therapy.
Really unique approach to voice that looks at your whole person. Room for things like drills and technique in the sessions, but even doing those it centers and challenges perceptions of what a voice *should* be. Great antidote to the rigid, technical understanding of what makes a “Male” and “Female” voice.
I was greatly helped thru all the mental blockers I faced when trying to find my voice. I was encouraged to break my bad habits, and that helped me push myself further.
Brett has done a fantastic job helping me find my voice again. I have never had any voice or singing lessons in the past so I came into this with no experience or frame of reference, but he was patient and helped me start to find my voice. I didn’t end up sounding like I’d imagined, but I like the way I sound, and I feel in control of my voice for the first time. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine and I’m not afraid to use it.