Exciting New Changes! / by Brett Welch

Hey y’all,

Brett here- Transformative Communications has moved to Pittsburgh! No fears, though, we will continue to work with people across the great state of Texas!

Why’d you move to the north in the middle of winter?

Great question. And I found myself asking that same question as we drove increasingly away from the hot, humid Houston air, lol. BUT! I have begun a PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh, where I will be working with Leah Helou and her research on mind-voice pathways. I’m super excited to not only continue working in an area of my field that I am extremely passionate about, but to also be able to publish and provide more answers in this area!

What does this mean for you, dearest reader? I will continue to work with my current clients, and I do still have a few spots open for new clients. It also means I will likely include the time zone more frequently in our correspondences for my own sanity. I should’ve probably already been doing that since Texas IS technically in two time zones. But now I’ll have three to manage, lol.

The most exciting news of all, however, is that once my license in Pennsylvania is approved, I will be able to work with people in Pennsylvania as well! I am excited to bring doing what I love to to a whole new audience! Stay tuned for this latest update!

Do you have any favorite places, restaurants, things in Pittsburgh that I should check out in my free time? (LOL) But, no, seriously, I’d love to hear about them (especially the food part, I really like to eat).

‘Till next time!